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#EnouQh#EnouQh Indlæg: 52
Redigeret december 2018 i #EnouQh
A little ‘before New Years’s Eve’ status update.

The website has in average 189 visitors a day (for the past two month). Some of the visits comes from abroad (probably because it’s a dot com domain).

That’s why the team has translated one of the videos – as a start – from danish to english. More will follow & along the way we hope to translate a lot of the content and articles. 

The website is about psychological abuse and related subjects.

Highest number of visits was November 12 when the article ‘In a relationship with a narcissist’ was released in the women’s magazine ‘Hendes Verden’ (Her World). The website reached 421 visits – on a single day. The rest of the week the website reached between 221 - 350 visits a day.But we aim higher!

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